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Alvéole honey


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Get a taste of Alvéole’s 100% raw honey! A unique gift, each jar comes labeled with your organization’s logo. Enjoy this sweet treat in your tea, on your toast, or by the spoon (don't worry, we won't judge!).

Ingredients: 100% unpasteurized honey

Net weight: 130 g / 4.6 oz / 100 ml

Minimum order: 100 jars

Production time: 2 weeks from order confirmed (plus shipping)

Producer: Alvéole

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    Did you know that…

    • Honey can be stored indefinitely at room temperature because of its high sugar content.
    • Every artisanal, raw, and unpasteurized honey will eventually crystallize. Crystallization is a normal, natural, and inevitable process — not a sign that the honey has gone off. The honey’s texture changes, but it retains all of its flavor and properties.