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Beeswax food wrap and Swedish dishcloth duo


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A powerful kitchen duo that sets you up for meal prep success! Wrap your lunch in the beeswax wrap and get your counter sparkly clean again with your Swedish dishcloth. Packaged with a kraft label customized with your organization’s logo.

Beeswax wrap:

  • Ingredients: 100% cotton, Canadian Beeswax, Tree Resin, Jojoba Oil. 
  • Dimensions: 10”x10" (25x25 cm) 


Swedish dishcloth:

  • Material: 70% cellulose from FSC certified forests, 30% cotton, water based inks
  • Dimensions: 6.75"x8" (17x20 cm)


Minimum order: 50

Production time: 2 weeks from order confirmed (plus shipping)

Producer: The beeswax wrap is made by hand in Victoria, BC by Goldilocks Goods. The Swedish dishcloth is designed in Victoria, BC by Goldilocks Goods and made in Sweden.

    Additional information

    How to use the beeswax wrap

    Wrap cheese, fruits and vegetables, sandwiches, snacks and more! Not recommended for meat or fish. To activate your new wrap, scrunch it up between your hands, then use the pressure and heat of your hands to create a tight seal around the item that you are wrapping.

    Care & cleaning -  beeswax wrap

    Wash in cool, soapy water. Do not heat or freeze. Lasts for a year or more. Compostable.

    Care & cleaning -  Swedish dishcloth

    To clean or disinfect your dishcloth, place it in the top rack of the dishwasher, boil in water, or throw in the washing machine (keep out of the dryer). Lasts for a year or more. Compostable.

    Did you know that…

    • Once your beeswax wrap loses its stickiness, you can either compost it, extend its life by adding a new coating of beeswax, or use it as a fire starter for bonfires.
    • The Swedish dishcloth was invented in 1949 by a Swedish engineer. It is made from a mixture of natural cellulose and cotton that can absorb up to 20 times its own weight.