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Tree growing kit


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For Earth Day 2023, we have teamed up with Forest Nation to offer a promotional gift that is hands-on, engaging, and that will green your community! Plant this Thornless Honeylocust tree to provide shelter and resources for your neighborhood's pollinators.

Grow your own tree with Forest Nation

This biodegradable kit from Forest Nation comes customized with your organization's logo and contains everything you need to grow your own tree from seed. Once it's big enough, transplant your tree outside or re-pot it indoors.

You plant, we plant

For every tree kit, Forest Nation plants a tree in a reforestation project in Tanzania. The reforestation project takes a holistic approach to generate sustainable livelihoods by creating food, jobs, and income through agroforestry. The trees are native species grown locally, and they are monitored until they reach full maturity in order to create lasting impact. You can read more about the Tanzania project here.

When you start planting your tree kits, Forest Nation will also create a custom online forest that shows your impact stats, a planting widget, opportunities for engagement and a collective display of your team’s participation.

Minimum order: 50 kits

Production time: 2-3 weeks

Producer: Forest Nation

Tree species: Thornless Honeylocust

Planting instructions: Full growing instructions for your tree species can be found on your tree pouch and on Forest Nation's website

Additional information

The importance of trees

We all know that trees are vital for life on Earth - here are three of the top reasons why.

1. Global climate change warrior

Trees play an important role in diminishing the effects of natural disasters. For instance, during heavy rainfall their canopies slow down the water before it hits the ground, and the roots help the water penetrate the soil, reducing flooding and soil erosion. Furthermore, through photosynthesis, trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, where it contributes to global warming. The carbon is pulled into the ground, where it helps create living soils by improving soil structure and making water and nutrients more available to the soil microorganisms, thereby enriching the soil microbiome.

2. Biodiversity and wildlife habitat

A large biodiversity is essential for our survival - think just about the role pollinators play in food production. Trees not only enrich soil life below ground, but also provide shelter and food for a large variety of plants and wildlife above ground, including fungi, pollinators such as insects and butterflies, birds, reptiles, and mammals. Moreover, they create wildlife corridors that help species spread across the landscape. 

3. Human living environment

Not only do trees reduce air pollution, quieten noise and keep our cities shaded and cool - spending time in nature is also proven to promote our physical and mental well-being. Trees also provide fruits, nuts and timber that help support human livelihoods, and have been shown to strengthen communities and social connections.